Swimming Pool Maintenance Service in Dubai

Having a paddling pool in your backyard is an indulgence but it expects regular updates keep for your family and colleagues to enjoy crystal clear water, in all seasons. Maintain your pool clean against the growth of dust, garbage, and another water adulterant while deterring water- borne infections.

Are you supposing about conserving your swimming pool yearly in periods of

  • water therapies
  • plumbing
  • electrical issues
  • cleaning issues
  • regular checkups

Our experts at our house are accessible on call for all your desires.

Our Focus

  • Sweeping/cleaning of pool surrounding/decking area (up to 2 m Wide)
  • Brushing and skimming of water ground and disposal of garbage and debris, and all dirt. Brushing off dirt from reservoir walls, underside, overflow gutters (Removal of any kind of stains is excluded)
  • Cleaning of skimmer and pool pump baskets
  • Supply, dosing, application, and balancing of pool water chemicals as per DM Pool Safety Guideline
  • Performing water testing (Cl, PH, Tem) and generating and producing traceable records
  • Conserving and maintaining the mandatory water degree in the swimming pool by expanding water
  • Awareness of water circulation and accomplishing backwash and rinsing of water filters/if applicable.

What do we do?

Conducting visual and achievement inspection of pool, pool lights, plant room MEP equipment
for any leakage or deterioration (any critical issue or malfunction will be documented and quoted
separately). Retaining pool plant room cleanliness Prices to be substantiated upon inquiry.

Why do you need to clean your swimming pool?

When it arrives at swimming pools that are in significant need of renovation, our service exists the corporation to call for expert pool renovation services. Whether your pool’s issues are due to neglect, mechanical difficulties, structural integrity, or all of the above, you’ll be glad you named us to deal with your pool renovation employment.

Our first goal

We organize extraordinary pools constructed to outperform your expectations. We combine
state of the art appliance with the best building methods accessible to offer our customers an outstanding product. So, let us attend your backyard and see what our imaginative architects
and designers can do to turn your concepts into reality.

Weekly, Monthly, or Annual Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai?

Every client has personal regulations. There is no standard commonness for cleaning or conserving swimming pools but if it is in a sedentary government for extended, discuss our pool cleaning and supervision corporation for all expert assistance in Dubai for the best suggestion.

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