Marble Polishing Service

MBA Maintenance Company offers experienced marble polishing and gravel floor smoothing services all over UAE. We are specialists in floor grinding, floor polishing, and restoration of all sorts of rock grounds.

Quality We Ensure

We furnish a large range of ground and marble polishing for every shortage encompassing any
customization invitations.

Experienced Workers

Our experienced and trained team are background verified and highly equipped for employment. Marble, Granite, and other stone bottoms lose their radiance and glow with a period. Soft stones like Marble and Italian Marble are prone to gashes, their soft surface absorbs dust and smudges easily. Marble and Granite floors also start looking pale with time and need to be renovated.

Experienced People can help you more

We use the latest techniques and our staff are experts in floor restoration & marble polishing
and maintenance services.

1. Ground Scrubbing

2. Marble Polishing

3. Hard Grinding

4. Excellent Grinding

5. Cumulative Polishing Services

6. Scratches and smudges eliminated

7. Breaks in gravel floors overhauled

8. Marble Polish and cleaning

Just take a look

Check Out Detailed Step by Step Process on Stone Surfaces for Maximum Restoration & Luster.

1. Grinding

This step eliminates roughness, smudges, and gashes. It is also known as lippage deportation or flattening.

2. Filling

This stride encompasses borrowing mastic packing to fill bangs and gashes.

3. Grinding again

This step encompasses regurgitating step 1 so that mastic is balanced.

4. Honing and Grinding with different pads

This phase contains a grid with 200, 400 up to 3000 grids for ultimate gleam and smoothness.

5. Polishing

This phase comprises pertaining polish for ultimate radiance and glint.

6. Washing with boulder soap

This step involves eliminating residue and scrubbing the marble to clean all dents.

7. Buffing

This stage incorporates wielding dry pillows for buffing and polishing.

8. Crystallization

This step includes the dressing of a crystallized so that the marble looks polished and denomination new.

9. Sealing

This step includes a petition of sealer to conserve the marble floor from seam smudges
from harm.

How much moment does the floor grinding & smoothing process take?

It usually takes a day to finalize 300 sq ft of floor chopping and polishing. However
please reach us to get comprehensive evidence.

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